Ali’s Daily Meal Plan

July 8th

Monday: Co-op Meal

Tuesday: Burgers

Wednesday: Phad Thai

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Nachos

Saturday: Power Meal

Sunday: Left overs!

June 17th

Monday: Power Meal

Tuesday: Co-op Meal

Wednesday: Taco Night

Thursday: Pasta

Friday: Hot Dogs with Chili

Saturday: Stir Fry

Sunday: Left overs!

May 19th

Monday: Dinnerbell Meal

Tuesday: Cesar Salad with Breaded Tofu Sticks

Wednesday: Pizza – Pineapple, red pepper & tempeh bacon

Thursday: Nachos

Friday: Power Meal – Steamed veggies, brown rice and baked tofu

Saturday: Hot Dogs, Tater Tots & steamed veggies

Sunday: Left overs!

April 25th

Monday: Dinnerbell Meal

Tuesday: Nachos

Wednesday: Alphabet Soup

Thursday: Power Meal (Grain, Steamed Veg, Baked Tofu)

Friday: Burgers


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