Rice Paper Rolls with Red Curry Peanut Sauce with a fresh fruit salad

These were pretty straightforward to make. I went with a new recipe that excludes rice noodles. I’ve always made rolls with noodles. The sauce is yummy. I omitted Sriracha sauce for the kids sake but add a teaspoon if you & Matthew would like some heat. There is no prep. Just serve, dip & enjoy. I included a fruit salad. Honestly, I had no time to make anything else. I hope it suffices! I hope you like your dinner!


2 thoughts on “Rice Paper Rolls with Red Curry Peanut Sauce with a fresh fruit salad

  1. The sauce was yummy. I’d like the recipe please. Conceptually the rolls were ok. I’d like to make these together sometime when they can be eaten right away. (They didn’t hold up very well in the end. The wet napkin ended up pulling the rice paper to pieces. I had some success wetting them further to get the napkin off). They made a nice appetizer and overall were not enough to eat. We were all still hungry after the rolls (a first for us in co-op land) which was a bummer because I didn’t have any food in the house. I ended up heating two left over veggie burgers up for the kids and I settled on cold cereal. Perhaps y’all had something along with your rolls that you couldn’t send due to tofu or something.

    • Boo! I was really happy with the rolls. I thought 4 a piece would be plenty. I could only eat 3 & had some fruit salad. I’m so sorry! Frick a frick. I was worried about the transfer but I packed ours the same way & they were ok, not perfect, but they did generally stayed together. Well, please forgive me. Also, LOVE the honesty. This is what it’s all about. Yeah, I’m bummed. But I’ll be ok! 😊

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