Garbanzo Bean Soup, Paella and Spanish Green Salad

This dinner is so pretty, I’ll say that.

The soup: Reheat on stove top. Add 1/2 stick earth balance before serving (really. be sure to do this. we ran out of earth balance or it would be done already. we ended up using real butter in our portion). Instructions say to serve soup with croutons on top (not included).

The paella: Reheat via stovetop. Serve with roasted slivered almonds on top.

The salad: To assemble, tear the pre washed lettuce into bite size pieces. Add the prepared watercress to lettuce. Add the tomatoes, Spanish onions and olives. Dress with the lemon/oil dressing and serve. Add more croutons if you must. tehe




One thought on “Garbanzo Bean Soup, Paella and Spanish Green Salad

  1. It is good to have co-op back up and running. I was able to do Valentine’s with Loti before I got dinner started. First, I want to say, I didn’t miss the dessert. I mean, of course, I missssssssed it. I just felt like the focus was more on the meal – the nutrition. The soup didn’t go over too well. I did add Earth Balance, as suggested. I love garbanzo beans and I love that you are cooking with them so please don’t take that critique personal. I want to continue working with this bean. The paella was lovely. I think I overheated it so it got a slight mush-ness to it, but the flavor was yummy. All the kids tried the paella and liked it. Didn’t finish it, but liked it. Neal and I actually mixed our salad up a bit with the paella. The salad was a perfect compliment to the meal. I am really getting into salads. I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to see my kids eat salad. Believe it or not, it was their favorite. I fear that my honestly may come across and dissatisfaction or as a complaint, but that is so far from the truth. You helped me bring a vibrant, nutritious, delicious meal to the table. It was a huge success. Oh and one thing that I really made me all gooey inside, when I said that it was co-op meal, Loti came to the table, sat down and said, ‘So, what are we trying tonight?’. That is poetry from my 3 year old!!!! Thank you!

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