Lentil-A-Roni with a Ranch Salad

At this point, I’m going to stick to just the main and side for this co-op meal. One,  I feel it will be plenty of food. Two, the time involved will be just about manageable. I’m excited about this meal and hope to surpass all co-op meals (so my last one will be forgiven and forgotten!).

Update on Lentil-A-Roni: I’m sending you the package of fusilli. As I understand it, gluten-free pasta breaks up much faster than wheat pasta. So, I figured it would be safer for me to send the pasta with you and hopefully it won’t be too much trouble to cook it up while you heat the sauce. The sauce: Just needs to be heated through. Make sure to make each portion of sauce slightly more than the portion of pasta. I didn’t watch that too closely and ours was a little too pasta-y. Mix the two together and dinner is served. I liked it. I want this to be a new regular for us (with a few changes). However, Neal wasn’t convinced. He said he had a hard time getting past the lentils. Milo ate it up with out a fuss. Loti wouldn’t touch it. Actually just sat there and said ‘stinky’ to me over and over. Edan had two or three bites. This is a hearty childhood comfort meal for me (though much healthier!). I hope you enjoy it.

The final installment to this drawn out meal…the salad. The actual name is Ranch salad with red potatoes and chickpeas with Avocado dressing. I was disappointed with the dressing. However, I feel that this salad could really be something. For one, I bought the ripest avocado I could find but even that one wasn’t ripe. So, that will make a difference. I’m also suspicious of some of the herbs. Less dill. Ax the paprika. Maybe. Hmmmm. I loved the potatoes and the chickpeas. Not something I’m used to in a salad. Neal & I mixed our salad in with the Lentil-A-Roni. The kids didn’t eat the dressing but I kept some aside without and they liked all the bits. My little rabbits. I really hope you enjoyed this meal and that is was filling.


Tomato Soup, Blue Ribbon Bean Salad & Pomegranate and Pink Grapefruit Salad

This time ’round I wanted to make recipes that would hold up well overnight and re-served the following day (and dare I say, even improve after 24 hours in the fridge). All three recipes came from children’s cook books so I’d hoped the flavors would be palatable for the kids. I’m not so sure now though.

This is my first home made tomato soup. Cedar helped. It has a mild kick to it (more than I thought it would actually). The recipe said it made 4 servings so I doubled it, naturally. In the end, I have 4 quarts to put into the freezer, plus your pyrex full and what we ate tonight. Golly.

Gryffin made the bean salad. I’m curious how it will taste tomorrow… something was bitter today. Too much onion I think. It might mellow out overnight.

The fruit salad is something different. Tasty, but different. It’s a winter fruit salad… grapefruit, grapes, pomegranate, marinating in a sweet agave dressing, with walnuts mixed in.

We ended up making vegan grilled cheese too, to dip in the soup. Not included here, but make some if you think you’ll like it!



Rice Paper Rolls with Red Curry Peanut Sauce with a fresh fruit salad

These were pretty straightforward to make. I went with a new recipe that excludes rice noodles. I’ve always made rolls with noodles. The sauce is yummy. I omitted Sriracha sauce for the kids sake but add a teaspoon if you & Matthew would like some heat. There is no prep. Just serve, dip & enjoy. I included a fruit salad. Honestly, I had no time to make anything else. I hope it suffices! I hope you like your dinner!

Garbanzo Bean Soup, Paella and Spanish Green Salad

This dinner is so pretty, I’ll say that.

The soup: Reheat on stove top. Add 1/2 stick earth balance before serving (really. be sure to do this. we ran out of earth balance or it would be done already. we ended up using real butter in our portion). Instructions say to serve soup with croutons on top (not included).

The paella: Reheat via stovetop. Serve with roasted slivered almonds on top.

The salad: To assemble, tear the pre washed lettuce into bite size pieces. Add the prepared watercress to lettuce. Add the tomatoes, Spanish onions and olives. Dress with the lemon/oil dressing and serve. Add more croutons if you must. tehe



Co-op REINSTATED! Vegan, Soy Free, Gluten Free. That’s right! First up…Slow-cooker chili over corn bread

I’ve never made this chili before. Once Neal perfected his chili, I felt satisfied. But truth be known, I feel a little naive not knowing how to make a chili (without a recipe). I’m Texan! So, I’m starting with baby steps. A very straight-forward chili with a gluten-free corn bread. Delivery for Monday.

Success! We’ve named the chili ‘Milo’s Bean Chili’ as Milo was the chef. This recipe was very simple and straightforward. Beans, garlic, tomatoes, corn, salt & pepper. Like I said, very simple. So, I talked to Milo about options of items we could add. In comes peppers, sautéed onions, cumin, lime juice and of course, some love. I used a pre-made gluten-free cornbread mix from Bob’s Mill. I wanted some security in my first adventure into soy and gluten-free baked goods. I trust Bob’s Mill. I added unsweetened almond milk, egg replacer and oil. I was very impressed. We buttered the cornbread and topped the chili with jalapeños  and shredded cheddar daiya cheese. Everyone ate this meal up. Yep, you read that right. Milo, Loti & Edan have a good portion of chili and cornbread in their bellies.

To serve: heat chili and cornbread until heated through. Personally, I’d put a piece of cornbread at the bottom of my bowl. Top with chili, jalapeño and cheese. I really hope you enjoy this meal.