Pah Thai, Tom Kha, Candied Citrus Peel

Tom Kha: Heat and serve. Remember to pick out the galangal, lemongrass and the whole chilies as you eat.

Pad Thai: I want you to have the freshest noodle experience possible, so the pad thai will take some assembly.

1) soak noodles in cold water 1 hour

1a) chop Chinese chives into 2″ pieces

2) Drain noodles

3) Heat wok or large saute pan over medium heat, add 2 t vegetable or peanut oil, and fry minced shallots about 10 seconds. Add pinch of chili flakes (or omit for children) and salted radish.

4) Add noodles, turn heat up to medium-high and stir fry 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly until noodles are soft, translucent and brown in color.

5) Add prepared sauce. Stir 30 seconds, until sauce is mostly absorbed.

6) Add most of the bean sprouts and Chinese chives (save some for garnish) and cook another 30 seconds.

7) Serve topped with crushed peanut, chives, sprouts and lime juice.

Candied Citrus Peel

Some are not chocolate coated for Loti. The container is layered orange peel and lemon peel. From top to bottom, Lemon, Orange, Lemon, Orange. I think.


If I remember, this will be our annual New Year’s Day meal.


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