Shepherd’s Pie with Gravy, Cranberry Chutney and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Reheat instructions:

Shepherds pie
Add a few dollops of butter to top.
Reheat in oven until hot and bubbly. Vegetables are only al dente so heat thoroughly.

Heat on stovetop to warm.

Mashed potatoes
I ended up w way more spuds than needed for the topping so I sent some along. Reheat in oven if you don’t mind a crunchy top layer. Add dollops of butter to lessen that effect.

Cranberry chutney
Serve cold.

Have been frozen so bring to room temperature.


Creamy Broccoli Soup, Focaccia Bread & Marbled Banana Bread

Soup: reheat until heated through, garnish with parsley. Bread: reheat in oven until heated through.

I want to apologize ahead of time to say that I feel like I’m sending too small a portion of soup and dessert. I doubled the soup recipe. I think I needed to triple or maybe even quadruple the recipe. I didn’t double the marbled banana bread recipe because I figured that half a loaf each would be plenty. So apologies if you are left hungry. Not my intention.

The Broccoli soup was my attempt to make something that was not bursting with sophisticated flavors as I wondered if that was an issue for my kids over-sensitive palate. Well, Milo sort of liked it. Loti sort of liked it. Edan wouldn’t touch it. Neal & I enjoyed it though I didn’t experience any creaminess. I have another Broccoli soup recipe that is much better than this one. The focaccia bread is AWESOME! I was disappointed recently when we went to an Italian restaurant and their homemade focaccia bread wasn’t vegan. It looked soooooooo good. So I made me some. Super easy and so delicious. Not a crumb left. I had high hopes for the banana bread. It is good and everyone loved it but I was imagining a big loaf with a more defined marble look. I will revisit this recipe again to perfect it. Hope you enjoy.

Recipes: Creamy Broccoli Soup (from Better than Peanut Butter and Jelly, pg 34), Focaccia Bread and Marbled Banana Bread