Garbanzo Quiche, Home Fries and Baked Apples

Take two of the garbanzo quiche. To reheat, pop it in the oven, uncovered-350 degrees, 30-45 minutes. After 20-30 minutes, brush top with earth balance and bake remaining minutes. Gryffin helped me chop the cauliflower and peppers and stir up the garbanzo sauce.

I’m sending you whole potatoes that have been par-baked, for you or Neal to make into home fries. I didn’t want to send the home fries already fried, for fear they’d get soggy and soft. Once upon a time, Matthew made home fries with left over baked potatoes and they were the best texture ever. I’m sure y’all have your favorite way to prepare your home fries, so all you’ll have to do is cut and fry. They shouldn’t take long as they’re already baked.

Same with the baked apples. I didn’t want to send them baked, as they’re sure to be better fresh out of the oven. I’d put them in the oven at the same time as your begin to reheat your quiche so they can either finish baking while you eat or cool a little. The apples are stuffed with walnuts and topped with earth balance, brown sugar and cinnamon. Serve plain or with vanilla ice cream. I just love the syrup that forms in the bottom on the pan while baking. Matthew and I cored the apples (hopefully getting all the seed cases/cartilage), and Gryffin prepared the rest. ¬†Bake until apples are soft and syrup is bubbly.


Recipes: Garbanzo Quiche, Home Fries, Baked Apples


Tortilla Soup, Evergreen Salad, Maple Butter Bundt Cake

Here’s my spin on a Tortilla Soup recipe I learned from my friend Sasha. Top with cheese, jalepeno, cilantro, a squeeze of lime, scallion and tortilla strips.

The Evergreen Salad is from a raw cookbook that I have. The dressing is meant to marinate the greens to soften them, so upon first glance they look wilted or cooked. They’re not, just marinated in a sunflower seed-thyme dressing.

I never knew I liked bundt cake so much. You should get a bundt pan for all your cakes that don’t rise in the middle. I love the lemony flavor in the icing.

I might throw in some quesadillas for the kids as the soup is spicy. I meant to cook a bland soup and send the peppers and other spice on the side. It ended up getting spicy somehow anyway, so viola, and oops.

Bundt Cake recipe: