Alphabet Soup, Biscuits & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Very simple and back to basics. As the recipe was called ‘Alphabet Soup’, I kept it but as you will see, there are no letters in my alphabet soup. Sorry. You will recognize the biscuits. I made them with the very first co-op meal. I’ve been given the thumbs up on the cookies from the kids. The four on top were double baked. They were so puffy that the dough wasn’t baking in the middle. So I flipped them and baked them a little longer. I hope you enjoy your meal.

Recipes: Alphabet Soup , Biscuits and Chocolate Chip Cookies


One thought on “Alphabet Soup, Biscuits & Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I needed a cookie real bad today and by 1 pm I had them in the house thanks to dinner share! I’m feeling super grateful for our dinner share today. To have a dear friend prepare a meal for us out of love and to receive it upon coming off of a stressful weekend, well, it feels like a great big hug, which I needed so badly!

    The dinner was a hit. My kids go ga-ga for biscuits and they complain they never get noodles at home anymore so the soup was a treat. And those cookies… I’m speechless.

    Thanks for sending your love through your food!


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