Broccoli Risotto, Strawberry-Tarragon Salad, and Peach Cobbler with a traditional Hard Sauce (aka butter cream frosting)

Risotto and Salad

Risotto: best to reheat via microwave or in oven, covered in foil
30-40 min at 350 ish. Expect it to be stickier reheated than if fresh.
Wanted to make something your kids would be more likely to enjoy. My
kids loved it.

Salad: dress spinach in 2-3 T dressing. Top w strawberries and pecans.
This was almost dessert enough!

Cobbler: reheat uncovered in oven 20 min or so at 350. Expect the
bottom of the cobbler biscuit to be a bit soggy. Dress the top w hard
sauce (frosting) to serve.



Chile Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu, Southwestern Corn Pudding & Jelly Donut Cupcakes


I love our dinner co-op, but I am finding myself getting stressed out over planning my meal. Why? I don’t know. I suppose I daydream about a breezy morning, coffee in hand, cookbooks spread out, music playing and just me. Just me, my cookbooks and a couple of hours to design a delicious meal that I will create with love. With a smaller amount of time, lots of noise and no coffee…here is this weeks co-op meal.

After-thought: Right, the tofu needs a sauce of some sort. We ended up putting the corn pudding on top of the tofu and that definitely helped. If I had known how dry the tofu would turn out, I would have made some sort of chipotle or ranchero sauce to go with it. So, if you have a mexican sauce at hand, please use it. The kids dipped their tofu in ketchup. I doubled the corn pudding recipe and still did not get the 12 servings the recipe suggests. I was nervous about the pudding. It really didn’t look all that appetizing. However, I was surprised that it had a decent taste. I don’t think I’ll make the pudding again. The kids DID NOT like it. I found the coconut milk to alter the flavor too much, too sweet. I think also because I decreased the spice in the recipe for the kids, that may have caused the coconut flavor to be too strong. I wanted these two dishes to be enough…I needed these two dishes to be enough as they took a good chunk of time to make, but they weren’t. There was no proper veggie. So, we grilled up some asparagus. I cleaned, cut and marinated (olive oil & garlic) your asparagus but did not grill it. I hope you don’t mind taking the time to grill it. I didn’t think left over grilled asparagus would be nice. I got dinner on the table at 5pm (Milo has soccer at 6pm on Tuesdays) but didn’t have time to make the dessert. So, the cupcakes were made this morning. We haven’t tried them but they were super easy to make. If they do turn out to be good, these will definitely be a staple in our house. My kids (Neal included) live for jam filled donuts.

Heating instructions: Heat tofu until warm. Smother with something! Heat corn pudding until heated throughout. Grill asparagus to your desire. Eat cupcakes. Enjoy.

Recipes: Chile Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu, Southwestern Corn Pudding & Jelly Donut Cupcakes

Spring vegetable pot pie, Waldorf Salad, and Peanut Butter Cookies


The Pot Pie recipe:

The tarragon flavor is quite strong in this dish. I like it. Looking forward to tasting it when it comes out of the oven, where it is right now! I left the mushroom chunks large enough to pick out. The idea to do a pot pie was Cedar’s. After dinner: We all liked it a lot. The kids loved the crust. Cedar even ate the tofu.

The vegan pastry dough recipe:

This pastry dough was as easy as the recipe made it out to be. I found it way to soft to roll out for the initial roll, so I tucked it in the fridge overnight and did all the rolling this morning, just two or three times, I forget how many. I’ve made plenty of pie crusts, with much success, but this is my first pastry dough. I did use pastry flour, and the recipe suggests the dough will not puff or flake as much, so be prepared for a flat puff pastry dough. I figured for a pot pie that would be alright. I had a small amount of dough left over so I made a mini apple dumpling for the family when they return this afternoon. I just rolled the extra dough out flat, sliced an apple into the middle, sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and butter, then wrapped the sides up over the top of the apple pile and squeezed it shut all around. The top was left open by chance of the dough size. After dinner: the puff pastry crust was nothing more than pie crust. Plain ole pie crust. Tasty, but not puffed at all.

The peanut butter cookies:

Of course I used egg replacer and found the dough to be super crumbly. So I used my hands to squish the dough balls together, then gently flattened them with a fork. They stayed together while baking really well and are soft and chewy just out of the oven. They happen to be flourless, so gluten free. Very simple recipe with only five ingredients.

Waldorf Salad:

I don’t think I’ve had a Waldorf Salad since I lived with my parents. As I was pouring the dressing on the salad, I realized that Neal cannot eat raw apples. I’m so sorry! I forgot. Maybe he can pick them out and still enjoy the salad. I love how the walnuts and the raisins compliment the flavors.

Oh! We’ve decided that the kids have kitchen clean up duty on Dinner Share nights! Ha ha!

Main: Lasagna Rolls Side: Caesar Salad Dessert: Fudgy Blueberry Brownie Cups


I’ve wanted to make the lasagna rolls since I saw the recipe. They looked pretty straightforward and yummy. Well, it is a rather intense recipe (which I really should have known since it was an Ann Gentry recipe). Very time consuming. The outcome, however, well worth it. Both Milo & Loti tucked in. Milo ate half of his roll and Loti a little less than that. My biggest smile came when they both tried and then ate a few more bites of the caesar salad! Neal & I thoroughly enjoyed this meal. However, due to it taking so long to make, I don’t see this one popping up again unless maybe for a holiday or special meal occasion. I hope you don’t mind that I included the caesar salad with this meal. I love caesar salad with Italian dishes. Plus, croutons! The dessert. Neal figured out why my brownies became cups instead of plump muffins…I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh. D’oh. So there was too much liquid. I am anxious to make this recipe again. Though this batch is called the ‘ugly brownies’ they have satisfied the chocolate lovers of the house. And, if you dollop some ice cream in those little craters, you may just overdose on heaven!

Heating Instructions: For the lasagna rolls, preheat over to 350F. Cook rolls for 15 minutes or until heated through. For the salad, vigorously stir the dressing. Coat the greens, sprinkle the parmesan, add the croutons. For the dessert, close your eyes and take a bite. They taste better than they look.